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Meet Our Engineers

Forest Stream

Jonathan Pease, PhD, PE, GE

President and Principal Engineer

Dr. Jonathan Pease has over 29 years of experience in project management and geotechnical engineering analysis throughout Nevada and California.  Dr. Pease routinely provides design approaches to mitigate earthquake-induced liquefaction, landslides and slope instability, subsurface seepage including detention basins and levees, and settlement reduction including ground improvement or deep foundations.  He has experience with developing geotechnical recommendations for commercial and residential buildings; energy projects including windfarms, refineries and geothermal power plants; industrial facilities; dam and levee projects; highway re-alignments; infrastructure improvements, and bridges.  He has civil experience in preparing waterfront protection, slope failures and drainage designs.


Marvin E. Davis, PE

Senior Engineer Consultant

Mr. Davis offers over 50 years of experience in civil engineering, specializing in geotechnical engineering, site development, and civil design.  Mr. Davis’ education and experience make him uniquely qualified to evaluate and resolve difficult or unusual site conditions, design and evaluate pavements and subgrades, coordinate construction observation and material testing services, and design large excavation and earthwork projects including slope embankments, roadways, large retaining structures, multi-story steel and concrete structures, dams and bridges in Nevada, California and Texas.  His experience includes major industrial, institutional, commercial, recreational, and public works projects.  Mr. Davis has completed geotechnical investigations and provided construction and materials testing for numerous projects in Nevada, California, Alaska, Texas, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.  Mr. Davis excels in providing innovative solutions for owners and contractors to facilitate successful completion for a variety of construction projects.


For 27 years, Mr. Davis owned and managed Marvin E. Davis & Associates, Inc. (now Reno-Tahoe Geo Associates, Inc.), a Reno, Nevada based engineering company specializing in geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and civil engineering for complex site and foundation development, drainage design, and slope repair and retention issues.

Premakumaran Arunan, PE

Senior Engineer

Mr. Arunan, goes by Arun, has over 9 years of experience in geotechnical engineering including seepage, slopes, embankments, earthquake engineering, foundations, structural analysis, surveying and environmental engineering as well as pavement design, reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance.  He has done work for several commercial and residential buildings including slope stability, infrastructure improvements, and geotechnical assessments. Mr. Arunan is extremely proficient in the use of engineering software such as GEOStudio, gINT, AutoCAD, SAP2000, 3D-Move and the HY-8 Culvert Analysis Program.

Michael Smith, PE, PLS, SWRS

Associate Civil Engineer Consultant

Mr. Smith has over 45 years of experience in various aspects of site development analysis and design in urban, mountainous, and rural settings. His experience in construction and surveying, coupled with numerous design assignments, contribute to a clear understanding of problem issues and result in logical, cost effective, efficient solutions. Mr. Smith has served as an expert witness in grading and surveying litigations.


Specialties include: Site Development Analysis and Design; Infrastructure (Stormdrain, Sewer, Water Systems) Design and Construction Management; Landfill design; NEPA Assistance; Environmental Engineering; Surveying and Land Title; Project Permitting Assistance; Water Rights; Dam Design; Mine Facilities Design; and Mine Reclamation and Closure Planning.

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