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Geotechnical Engineering Services

Reno Tahoe Geo Associates, Inc. (RTGA) - provides geotechnical engineering services including: preliminary geotechnical and geologic hazard assessments, geotechnical investigations, fault evaluation studies, and seismic hazard evaluations (including liquefaction studies).  We routinely provide geotechnical input for shallow foundation design, earth pressures and drainage for retaining walls, earthwork, concrete flat work and roadway sections, retaining and rockery wall construction, and sub-drainage systems.  We have experience developing design solutions for less-than-optimal sites, including expansive soils, drilled shafts, driven pile foundations, and ground improvement for settlement control and liquefaction mitigation.  Our projects have included small to large residences, low-rise and mid-rise commercial buildings, industrial buildings, airport structures, storage tanks, channels, water treatment facilities, urban utilities, pipelines, power lines, roads, parking areas, and bridges.


Additionally, we develop strategies for solutions to issues such as slope, embankment, and stream bank stability, temporary slope stability, design of retaining structures (including rockery wall, segmental block, Keystone, Redi-Rock, and soil nail and shotcrete) and erosion control mitigation.  Where appropriate, we often specialize in providing minimal soil explorations for hard-to-access sites, including using portable methods such as shear-wave velocity surveys and dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) soundings.

  • Geotechnical Investigation for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings

  • Dam/Levee, Storage Tank, Channel, Water Treatment Facility, Pipeline, Powerline, and Bridge Analysis and Design

  • Fault, Seismic, and Slope Stability Analysis

  • Foundation Design Recommendations and Distress Analysis

  • Geologic Mapping and Sampling

  • Percolation Testing and Septic System Design

  • Pavement Analysis, Design, and Management

  • Geophysical Surveys and Measurements

  • Expansive Soil Evaluation and Mitigation

  • Liquefaction Analysis

  • Rockery Retaining Wall Analysis and Design

  • Material Borrow Source Evaluation

  • Settlement Analyses

  • Earthwork and Grading Recommendations

  • Site-Specific Site Response Characterization

  • Bedrock Rippability Evaluations

  • Dewatering

  • Dynamic Analyses for Machine Foundations

  • Identification of Development Constraints

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